Additional locations:

Weekend only:

Green room, production office, and make-up room:

  1. Studio Size: length=75' width=35' height=14'
  2. Double doors open to Studio: 6'w x 9'h
  3. Sound Proof: Double Walled Studio
  4. Flats available for rental
  5. Electricity: (14) 110V-20 Amp Outlets = Total Amps = 280
  6. Air Conditioning: Built-In (unsilenced)
  7. Green Room: Yes
  8. Make-Up Room: Yes
  9. Production Office: Yes
  10. Bathrooms: Yes
  11. Internet: Yes/Free Wifi
  1. $800 per Preproduction Day (Set-Up Day)
  2. $995 per day with minimum 3-day rental. Regularly $1500 per day.
  3. $200 per extra location per Day

Valley View Studio is located at:

6060 Phyllis Drive
Cypress, CA 90630

To book or for more booking information please contact:

Tom Messersmith
Phone: (714) 898-8654

Ken Combs
Phone: (714) 898-8654

Valley View Studio is pleased to open its doors to the public after 20 years as a private sound stage for parent company Medcom, Inc.

Valley View Studio provides a purpose-built, double-walled sound stage, not just a converted warehouse, with additional locations available throughout our facility.

Whether you’re a Production Company, Independent Producer, or a student, our convenient location is freeway close in the city of Cypress—only an hour south of Hollywood, or an hour north of Laguna Beach.